November 23, 2008.

Me, Josh, Landon & Taylor Jones, Justin Ianni and Scott Snider getting real gnar gnar. . .thankfully lots has changed in our riding. Watch for my front board. You can tell it’s a 14 year old girl because I’m zeech’in hard and am not on top of the rail – doin what chicks do best hahahaha just kidding… kinda.

July 25, 2008

Me, Scott & Andrew Askes, Landon, Justin and CJ at the best place in the world: Camp Of Champions.

April 4, 2010

Empir Ride Shakedown. A crowd of nearly 10,000 ….an I beat Hana Beaman; my claim to fame. She fell. So did I.

But proudly, I was only 16 years old.

Back 360 tail over about a 60 ft -  stoke level 100.

50-50. no zeech. tech-as-heck.

Oops I did it again.

Camp Of Champions is my favourite place in the summer…but I try not to get toooo comfortable. One wrong move and BAM! You earn yourself temporary botox for a good week. There’s optimism in every sitch folks!

Hip Hip Hooraayyyy!

You know when you set a goal for yourself, knowing it will only happen if you make it happen, and then working your butt off to do so? Well that’s what I did this winter. I made it my goal to be apart of the Canadian National Slopestyle Team, in order to receive the support I need. Of course I would have loved to just snowboard and re-learn all my tricks after the big break last year, but I’ve learned that doing things that take time and effort are a lot more appreciated than simply doing what you want. This is why I chose to abandon my home town and travel all winter from competition to competition. I needed to get back in the game as fast as I could, to earn some recognition for the next season. I spent all the money I saved, all the energy I had, and all the time I was given to get back on my feet-and it worked! Hard work always pays off no matter how sweet the reward tastes. This reward tastes pretty sweet so far. I have been selected to be apart of the 2012/2013 Canadian National Slopestyle team. Hip hip hooray!

This is only a baby step though. My ultimate goal is to be able to snowboard around the world for free; hello adventures and labour of love! Not many can choose they’re favourite activity as their job, I’d be ecstatic if I could!!

Now that I have a computer again…

Life is a lot easier when you have access to the internet and a place to store your files. I haven’t posted anything in months due to my shattered mac :’( but I’m back! And ready to share the end of my season with you. After my ‘sweet taste of success’ I experienced a little set back while in Mammoth, California; bruised heels. If you have never had bruised heels, do not under estimate the pain and disability factor it bring upon it’s victims like I did. I cased a good 60ft jump and felt as if I had broken my feet. The pain stung and was piercing my feet to the point where I had to unstrap my board and walk down the hill….and even that brought excruciating pain. I swear was not just being a drama queen-it terribly hurt! Anyway, this experience forced me to take a month off during the most event filled month of the season-March! Unfortunately I missed out on competing at the Canadian Nationals, as well as the Jr. World Championships in Spain…yuh win some yuh lose some eh! I am still bummed that I couldn’t compete in these huge events, but I am glad that I listened to my body and not my heart this time. Those bruised heels may have been fractured if I rode on them at Nationals and the Jr World Champs! All in all, it is an accomplishment to have been invited to represent Canada at the Jr. World Champs and also to have put my health first. It was a hard competition to resist but after an entire winter off due to an injury, you learn to put your health before anything.

When acupuncture began to work wonders, I tested my pain and ability with the bruised heels at the Blue Mountain Canadian Shield event. Even on heavy pain medications prescribed from the injury, my heels were screaming with pain. I took my 3 competition runs and called it a day-I should not had been riding on them at all. But because I competed, I earned myself enough points to win the over all Canadian Shield Snowboard Series! Along with a 7 day trip to El Dorado, yipppyy!

This experience was what led me to rest during the Jr. World Championships. I was hoping my heels would be in shape to ride but unfortunately I’m not super human. After giving myself a couple more weeks to rest I flew over to Nevada, USA for the Billabong Flaunt It Finals in Lake Tahoe. If it wasn’t for Billabong’s support, I definitely would not have had the resources nor guts to risk riding on my now mildly bruised heels-I am very lucky to have them backing me! My heels were still in a bit of pain but this was an investment and it ended up paying off with the end results. Against many solid riders and Flaunt It stop winners from all over Canada and the USA, I rode well. Of course there is always that ‘I could have done better’ voice in my head, but that’s just my inner coach pushing myself haha. I ended up placing 5th in the slope style and 3rd in the rail jam.

I gained courage and began riding more comfortably with my bruised heels, which was very beneficial considering my heels are still a little tender but I have been riding on them for the month of April. Yes, I should give my heels a rest and let them heal completely, but when my entire season next year could potentially depend on these last couple months of riding, it is a risk I am willing to take. All in all, my season was full of progression, lessons and beneficial experiences-that’s a wrap!